We deliver our services at your training facility, utilizing four state-of-the-art modalities:

Tendon Monitoring (UTC)
Strength Diagnostics


By comprehensively screening your team, we are able to provide individualized reports on each player, leveraging the latest technology to enable your performance and medical teams to quantify the deficits and/or injury risks in pre-season, pro-actively implement a pre-season program and monitor them throughout the season.

Our team is able to deliver a complete suite of innovative services at your training facility. With an impressive wealth of experience working for some of the world’s leading teams and federations, our team are experts in their fields.

Our Specialists


Jarrod Antflick

Director & Founder

Jarrod is the founder of Total Performance and has been working in elite sport for over 15 years as a consultant Sports Physiotherapist. His work resides in the UK consulting to teams in the English Premiere League and Premiership Rugby, and to NBA teams in the USA.

Jarrod has a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia as well as a BAppSc in Physiotherapy from University of Sydney and a BHSc from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Jarrod has worked as a consultant physiotherapist for numerous high level sporting organisations including British Athletics & members of the US Track and Field Team in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics. He currently consults to numerous Premiere League Football teams across the UK and NBA teams in the US. He also works as consultant physiotherapist at The Fortius Clinic London, as a specialist in tendinopathy undertaking research in the management and diagnosis of tendinopathy.

Jarrod has presented at numerous international Sports Medicine and Science conferences including Sports Kongress (Denmark), FISIC (London) and Isokinetics (Barcelona & London) on the diagnosis and management of tendinopathy in sport.

Jarrod specialises in performance profiling and motion analysis through biomechanical screening utilising IMU data and triaxial force platforms to provides context into how human force is produced. The resulting asymmetry associated with jumping, cutting and landing movement patterns are assessed for coaching input to improve performance and minimise risk of injury.

Dr Chris Richter

Head of Biomechanics

Chris has completed a Master in sports and sports engineering at the Technical University Chemnitz and a PhD in biomechanics / signal procession entitled “The Search for Performance Related Factors in Countermovement Jumps” from Dublin City University.

Currently, Chris is Head of Research and Innovation at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin, which sees over 500 Post ACL reconstruction patients and 800 athletic groin pain patients each year.

Over the last years Chris has worked extensively with motion analysis systems (optical camera and inertia solutions) to analyse movement task within a lab and real life situations - to give feedback to athletes and coaches in respect to training, rehabilitation and prevention programs.

One of the major interests of Chris is the use of advanced data analytics to account for different movement strategies with can help to better understand and explain mechanism of injury or performance.

Dr Amin Ahmadi

Head Engineer

Amin has obtained his Masters in Computer and Information Engineering and his PhD degree in MEMS Inertial Sensors and Motion Analysis from SABEL Labs, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

Following his PhD Amin moved to Insight center for data analytics where he was involved with many European funded projects to develop novel solutions for monitoring and analyzing human movements using wearable inertial sensors and computer vision techniques. His research interests include sensor fusion, machine learning and human motion analysis using wearable inertial sensors for rehabilitation and sporting activity applications.

His research over the years was highlighted as a feature in the New Scientist and appeared on the BBC and ABC television and radio channels. He along with his colleagues also won the Australian prestigious Minister Excellence Award for Innovation and Creativity in Wireless Monitoring of Sports Performance.

He is currently a senior scientist at the United Health Group where he is working on developing machine learning and artificial intelligent systems to improve wellbeing and prevent health problems.