Total Performance was built from a culmination of passion and expertise with the use of advanced technology to provide value and insight into athlete health and performance.

The Company was started in year 2014 by Jarrod Antflick and has evolved to provide  support to athletes across all sports in the US and Europe. Our team consists of world leading consultants that have a wealth of experience working for some of the world’s leading teams and federations.



Jarrod is the founder of Total Performance and has been working in elite sport for over 15 years as a consultant Sports Physiotherapist.

Jarrod consults to teams in the UK’s English Premier League, Premiership Rugby, tennis, track and field, as well as the NBA and NFL teams in the USA. He has a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia as well as a BAppSc in Physiotherapy from University of Sydney and a BHSc from the University of Technology, Sydney and is currently a PhD candidate at Imperial College, London. He also works as consultant physiotherapist at The Fortius Clinic London, as a specialist in tendinopathy undertaking research in the management and diagnosis of tendinopathy.

Jarrod has presented at numerous international Sports Medicine and Science conferences including Sports Kongress (Denmark), FISIC (London) and Isokinetics (Barcelona & London) on the diagnosis and management of tendinopathy in sport. Jarrod specialises in performance profiling and motion analysis through biomechanical screening utilising IMU data and triaxial force platforms to provides context into how human force is expressed. The resulting asymmetry associated with jumping, cutting and landing movement patterns are assessed for coaching input to improve performance and minimise risk of injury.

Head of Biomechanics

Dr Chris Richter

Chris holds MSc in sports and sports engineering (Technical University Chemnitz) and a PhD in biomechanics / data science (Dublin City University). From 2010 to 2020, Chris was Head of Innovation and Data Analytics at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin, where he combined processed, stored and analysed complex dataset and prepared reports for the patient, clinician and senior management. He currently works a YFood Labs as a Senior Innovation Scientist.

Chris has presented at numerous scientific conferences and has contributed to / co-author more than 50+ papers during his career regarding ACL and groin injuries, rehabilitation, movement strategies and machine learning in sport science and has been peer reviewing publications for 15+ journals.

Chris has a passion for transforming complex data into key points through visualisation and modern data science methods, to aid decision making in respect to training, rehabilitation and injury prevention programs. Another major interest of Chris is the use of advanced data analytics in sports science to identify previously discarded information that can help to better understand performance and injury. Chris has spent a majority of his professional life capturing kinematics and kinetic data as well as searching for hidden patterns within data.


Performance Consultant

Daniel Cohen

Daniel is a PhD sports scientist specialising in force platform testing, with nearly 20 years of experience in evaluating elite athletes. He is a researcher with a number of publications on force platform and isokinetic testing in international sports science and medicine journals and consults to sports teams and organisation worldwide.

Daniel has been involved in force platform analysis of healthy and rehabilitating elite athletes for nearly 20 years in a research and consulting capacity – in the English Premier League, the NBA and the NFL. He co-founded and developed ForceDecks (now owned by Vald Performance), the most widely used force platform system in elite sport. Daniel is currently a researcher at the University of Santander (UDES) and a consultant to Colombian Olympic committee’s Centre for Sports Science, as a specialist in neuromuscular performance testing and research.

He has been an invited speaker at conferences such as the NBSCA (National Basketball Strength and conditioning) conference, the Barcelona Innovation Hub and numerous continuing professional education workshops at professional teams and high-performance sporting institutes.

Daniel has a healthy obsession with using kinetic data obtained in simple easy to implement tests, to better understand athlete load-responses. “Positive adaptations or fatigue, in the healthy competing athlete, guides and informs the delivery of individualised rehabilitation”.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Andrew McDonald

Andy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has worked professionally in both physiotherapy and strength & conditioning roles full time. He has over 12 years of experience working with athletes and teams across over 30 different sports from the youth & collegiate level through to Olympic, Paralympic and professional athletes.

His experience in both physiotherapy and strength and conditioning, supports Andy’s practical versatility to problem solve, deliver technically and communicate effectively throughout the full spectrum of athlete management. He has worked in a variety of environments and enjoyed unique international experiences including work in the UK, USA, France and with Kenyan distance running athletes.

Andy is the host and co-founder of Inform Performance, a popular sports medicine and performance industry podcast. Hosting a successful podcast has provided him with a broad and pragmatic knowledge base as well as a network of industry thought leaders who support elite athletes and teams worldwide.

Andy has a passion for high-quality, data driven rehabilitation and is currently leading a research project with biomechanist Dr. Ken Clark. They are capturing the kinetics, kinematics and muscle-activity of specific running drills to aid objectivity during return to running processes in rehabilitation.