Tendon Monitoring

Through our Tendon Monitoring service, we utilize Ultrasound Tissue Characterization (UTC) where we profile all patella and achilles tendons at the start of the season, and depending on your desired frequency, throughout the subsequent months. This minimizes time lost to injury or any detriment in performance as a result of tendinopathy.

The computerized UTC delivers a 3-D ultrasound data-block that can be used for tomographic visualization and tissue characterisation which provides a graphical representation of the players tendon at a specific point in the season.

Some of our research and thoughts on this game-changing modality can be found below.


Our Biomechanics assessment utilizes Vicon motion analysis, that provides data on limb and trunk position in the sagittal, frontal and horizontal planes. This information is then fed into a computer learning system which analyses the 250K data points per assessment task to identify risk profiles for each athlete. This combined with the inertial sensors placed on players shoe laces and around the trunk, allows quantification of left vs. right asymmetries and where the center of mass and torso are compared to the lower limb and pelvis in sprinting, cutting shooting, catching, and a variety of other movement patterns.

Elite level sports, specifically basketball, football, rugby, and soccer are played in the horizontal, transverse, and vertical planes and, therefore, need to be assessed in three dimensions, which is why we utilise all three modalities in the one assessment.

Strength Diagnostics

By utilizing our dual ForceDecks platforms during an initial screening, we provide a complete strength profile of each player.  The ForceDecks platform, gathers strength data including: peak power, peak force, watts per kg, rate of force development (RFD), and peak velocity with traces for left/right comparison looking for asymetry.

Furthermore, we look at CMJ, drop jump (looking for RSI values), isometric squat jump, single and double leg repeated hops etc.