Cutting-edge monitoring of achilles and patella tendon health to prevent onset of tendinopathy.

Our Tendon Monitoring service utilizes Ultrasound Tissue Characterization (UTC) to profile patella and Achilles tendons at the start of the season, and depending on your desired frequency, throughout the subsequent months. The computerized UTC delivers a 3-D ultrasound data-block that can be used for tomographic visualization and tissue characterisation which provides a graphical representation of the players tendon at a specific point in the season.

This stratifies risk, minimising time loss injuries or any detriment in performance as a result of tendinopathy, as it allows focused intervention to individual athletes. The team provides tailored rehabilitation of injured athletes through various loading programs in season to expedite return to play. The team guides implementation of prevention programs throughout the season to minimise the time loss and performance detriment associated with tendinopathy.

Some of our research and thoughts on this game-changing modality can be found below.



Multi-planar analysis to provide a complete overview of player movement.

Our biomechanics assessment utilises Noraxon IMU’s motion analysis and Bertec triaxial force platforms and is the only reliable, accurate on-site biomechanics service. It provides data on limb and trunk position in the sagittal, frontal and horizontal planes. This kinetic and kinematic waveform data is graphically represented and assessed for movement and kinetic anomalies and asymmetry. It is then compared to athletes of similar positions to ascertain outlying and abnormal movement. This allows for quantification of left vs. right asymmetries and other variables such as where the center of mass and torso are compared to the lower limb and pelvis in sprinting, cutting shooting, catching, and a variety of other movement patterns.

Elite level sports, specifically basketball, football, rugby, and soccer are played in the horizontal, transverse, and vertical planes and, therefore, need to be assessed in three dimensions, therefore we assess athletes whilst performing 5 different jumping and cutting tasks. Testing per athlete can be completed under 20 minutes making it a more timely solution in comparison to a Vicon based system.


In-depth analysis of power, strength and lower limb asymmetries.

By utilizing our dual ForceDecks platforms and software during an initial screening, we provide a complete strength profile of each player. ForceDecks solution, gathers strength data including: peak power, peak force, watts per kg, rate of force development (RFD), and peak velocity with traces for left/right comparison looking for asymmetry.

Furthermore, we look at CMJ, double leg drop jump, Isometric seated calf raise, isometric belt squat and double leg stiff knee repeated hops.